Shot an awesome wedding this weekend with my wife! We had a lot of fun. Here’s my fav photo. Beautiful. #wedding #photography

Opening day of bow season

I like working with laid back couples! Makes my job a lot of fun. My fav photo from tonight session in Joplin, MO

Showing Kingston some new tunes. It makes me happy to watch his reactions when I’m singing. He loves it! Listen to a new song - link in profile. #reggae #baby #newsongs

•Summer art• go check out some new work on my website, link is in my profile

Haha this happened tonight in my photo session. Love it! #baby #photography #springfieldmissouri

What’s your weapon of choice & why? Been leaning toward the shortie lately. Diggin the deep carves. #gnarchat #skateboard #surf #carveweapon

Late night sk8. Suggestion, don’t skate new places when it’s dark out. I’m lucky to walk away from a nasty wreck with only a couple scratches. #sk8 #surf

Dude rips. @godgavmestyle

Ripper. @godgavmestyle