Got to show the crew a couple climbs I did on a solo trip last winter. This tricky devil is called Goldfinger. I found out this trip, it gets harder as the temps raise, haha! I dig bouldering. #bouldering #rockclimbing #missouri #slopers @lasportivana @organicclimbing @madrockclimbing

Frese on the undone project. This thing is a tall, compression problem, with the crux at the top. We build up a landing but if you fall from the top, your rolling down the steep hill. MO keeps on giving. #bouldering #rockclimbing @organicclimbing @lasportivana

Nothing like camping in the fall with a crew psyched to find & climb new boulders! #bouldering #rockclimbing

Dan trying a new one on the James Bond boulder. Every climb on this rock is amazing. The crew sent several new problems & found a couple projects. MO keeps on giving to those that are willing to search. #missouri #bouldering #paddycreek #rockclimbing

Paddy Creek boulders! DS lovin on some sandstone. #bouldering

Stoked for this weekend! New boulders to be found & sent. #bouldering

Awesome family session this morning! The colors are here. #fall

•Fall colors & this little buddy•

The Gentlemen.

Kingston & I