Just got some new pics in from @andrew_burr reminding me that the temps do cool down. Psyched for this fall season! #rockclimbing #bouldering #petersbranch

Found some amazing light with this beauty @varooney Check out the big update I did on my website, a lot new work is up (link in profile)

What a view! Perfect spot to stop, relax & give thanks

Bob Marley will have that effect on ya, breh

When the crux is at the top, it makes for some exciting climbing. Frese committed, Dan watching with the best view. #rockclimbing #bouldering #deepwatersolo #missouri

The sequence of the dyno

All points off for the two handed slam dunk. Such a sick area! #rockclimbing #deepwatersoloing #bouldering

Kingston’s reaction when hearing the new single, “Next to You”! Haha the lil dude loved it, as I know you will. It’s out Aug 26, 2014!!! #reggae #baby

Sunsets in Summer

Got a sweet deal going! I’ve got 10 slots open as of today, they will go quickly. Message me to book : lance.sittin@gmail.com